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Pilates Hut Ruislip

Pilates Hut Ruislip is a private studio located on Broadwood Avenue, Ruislip. The studio is equipped with classical Pilates apparatus. Run by Tonja Osborn, a classically trained and certified Pilates teacher, Pilates Hut Ruislip hosts small group ‘tower’ classes, mat classes and private lessons.

Our Services

Our Services

Classical Apparatus

We have classical Pilates apparatus including reformer, tower units, wunda chair, spine corrector, ladder barrel, small barrels, pedipole, foot corrector and accessories.

Mat Classes

Mat classes follow the classical Pilates repertoire of exercises.

Group Tower Classes

Tower units have strong springs which create resistance for the body. This promotes long, lean muscles and facilitates greater stretch and range of motion.

Private Lessons

Are tailored to your specific needs. To work in a 1:1 setting and gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates method we encourage you to take a private lesson.

The Studio

Our Prices

Mat Classes - £16

Tower Classes - £18

Private Lesson - £57 (introductory offer 3 privates for £160)

Block of 6 Private Lessons - £315

Induction Package (1 Private Lesson and 1 Tower Class) - £55

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